Greensvale – English interface patch

English interface patch for Greensvale no Mori no Naka

Edit: Patch updated to 1.1

Game Summary:

After realizing that the future of the kingdom is in danger, the king decides to appoints Cryce to create and run a new school to secure the kingdom’s future.

This is a school management game. Its very reminiscent of Ryouichi Kizoku in some ways.
You need to create a school and graduate students, increasing reputation and effecting other countries.

Each turn in this game takes a year. The minimum graduation period is only one year, but the students can choose to stay after that. You can build buildings, enact policies and distribute budgets to affect the graduation difficult, students level at graduation and professions they’ll take. There is also a battle mechanic later in the game if the school is attacked.

The game takes place over 100 years. The main protagonist and heroines are mainly from long-lived races and spirits to explain this long time the game takes place over.

Interface patch updated
Added a mini-walkthrough at the end


  • In game menu interfaces and buttons

Does not translate:

  • Descriptions
  • Dialog

Unfortunately this game is too old and I could not repack the game descriptions names back into the game. So it’ll be only image translations on this one.

Patch Download:

This patch only translate images so it should work for any game version.

Greensvale interface translation patch 1.1

Sample Images:


Importants point about the game and conditions to get endings.

Game modes

You can select a game mode at the start of the game if unlocked. This changes the starting conditions and available endings you can get.

Chris Mode: First play mode. 50 Year limit. 3.000 funds, 33 teachers. Only 1 ending available.
Charlotte Mode: 100 Year limit. 10.000 funds, 134 teachers. Enables Merue, Kaen, Niki endings. Charlotte events starts 1st H.
3 Girls Mode: 100 Year limit. 15.000 funds, 237 teachers. Merue, Kaen and Niki starts unlocked with events done after 1st H.
Vivian Mode: 100 Year limit. 30.000 funds, 337 teachers. 3 Girsl and Vivian events starts after 1st H.
Free Mode: 300 Year limit. 3.000 funds, 33 teachers. Same as chris mode but all endings unlocked.

Heroine appearance condition:

Charlotte: Unlocks after a few(7?) turns.
Niki: Army 20+ OR built 2x Soldier study building(兵学校舎)
Merue: Commerce 10+ OR built Shopping district(商店街)
Kaen: Academics 15+ OR built 2x School building(学問校舎)

Endings conditions:

Haien(defeated) END: Get into debt after losing battle. GAME OVER end.
Toriaezu Charlotte END: Limit reached and no other end flags. Unlocks Charlotte Mode
Niki END: (Charlotte mode or better)
Talk to her after building 4 x Soldier study building(兵学校舎) and Training Camp(練兵場)
Talk until seen 1st H + 3H cgs to unlock “Lover” option to get ending.
Merue END: (Charlotte mode or better)
Talk after built 4x Commerce study building(産業校舎) and Noble house(貴族館)
Talk until seen 1st H + 3H cgs to unlock “Lover” option to get ending.
Kaen END: (Charlotte mode or better)
Talk after built 4x School building(学問校舎), Easter research(東方研究所) and Politic research(政治研究所)
Talk until seen 1st H + 3H cgs to unlock “Lover” option to get ending.
Vivian END: (3 Girls Mode or better)
Meet spirit(CG) when talking to charlotte
Charlotte + 3 Girls H (automatically starts done if in 3 girls or vivian mode, but not in free mode.
Talk to Vivian until she says her wedding conditions.
Use the unlocked Research option until it stops increasing.
Talk to charlotte to meet the spirits again. (Might need either main building exp 290~/800 or school points needed)
Talk to charlotte again for 1st H and unlock “Lover” option. Choose before turn limit.
Vivian Mirai END: (Same conditions as Vivian END)
Turn limit reached and not Ko Sodate END flags.
Vivian Ko Sodate END: (Same as Vivian END)
Continue to talk to her until ~10 H’s and choose “Lover” option.
Harem END: (Vivian mode or better)
See lots of dream events until Spirit event to unlock “Lover” option ALL
Charlotte individual END:
See dream events 12 or more to unlock “Lover” option Charlotte.
Charlotte good results END:
Have 50.000+ school points while not unlocking Charlotte individual END, “Lover” option Charlotte added.
Densetsu no Gakuenchou END:
Have 50.000+ school points while not unlocking Vivian Ko Sodate END. “Lover” option Vivian end.


  • Dismiss teachers if not needed. They cost funds per turn.
  • Always change the policy at the start. The one you start with only give demerits.
  • At the end of each turn you can choose where the students go. Don’t forget to get the ones you need to the school.
  • Building a Dungeon on the Outside or a Strange Ruins will add a change to be attacked by monsters.
  • If conditions (mainly building built or level), talking to Charlotte will show a dream H event.
  • If conditions (Club house lvMax?? or school points), choosing Teach will show a random delusion H.

2 thoughts on “Greensvale – English interface patch

  1. sjeongjin March 10, 2021 / 19:34

    Hey, thanks for the patch. This seems like a fun game but some of the details seem to not be translated including the buildings menu and job titles in career guidance which seems to have been included in the sample images you provided. Is this intended or is there a way the patch can be fixed?


    • Gust - Darksshades September 12, 2021 / 03:20

      Wow, sorry for the long delay I haven’t been checking here for a while.

      It turns out I had uploaded the “1.1 patch” but forgot to update the link on the page. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now.


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