[Tips] How to ‘properly’ translate and hook Unity games – Part 2

Previously I showed how to use TextExtractor to hook a Unity game and a very overly complex way to hook astronauts brand games. But TextExtractor with unity gets a lot of garbage text or sometimes nothing really usable at all.

This time I’ll show better way that should work very consistently with any Unity game with little configuration in two parts.

  1. How to use XUnity.AutoTranslator to translate unity games
  2. How to extract the pure untranslated text without translation

If you only want the translated text the first section should be enough.
But if you want the japanese text, either to use TranslatorAggregator and translate using several different translators to compare or like me, to use chiitranslite to display the kanji readings and train japanese, then continue to the second part. It’s a bit more advanced.

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[Tips] How to ‘properly’ hook Unity games/novels

  1. Textextractor bruteforce
  2. The ‘universal’ unity hook(for astronault’s games)

Unity games/novels have a bad reputation of being unable to hook the game’s text and needing hook codes that are sometimes not available. Older versions of Unity still used to work fine with VNR and other text hookers but nowadays they simply won’t work anymore.

Textextractor has a ‘brute force’ mode when it detects a unity game that can kinda work. But its not very intuitive, gets a lot of garbage text together and can virtually crash you PC for a few seconds if you don’t properly configure it. I’ll cover that here but the main point of this post will the the ‘universal’ unity hook at the end(for astronault’s games).

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[Next patch] – Ouzoku

I’ll be translating Ouzoku next.

There are 253 images that need to be translated but about 100 of them are skill names that for some reason are image files.

As usual I’ll also be doing gameplay related translation like skill description, mission name, units name.

For now I’ll start slowly translating it as I finish playing some other games.

Here are some samples:


[Poll] Next interface patch

Which of these older softhouse chara games should I do an interface patch for next?
[Poll below]

There is only a little left to finish Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri so I’ll be doing an older game next. These 3 below are the main candidates. Daisounan already have a bit of its image translated.

The item and descriptions will only be translated if the engine supports it without altering the dlls and it has enough gameplay variation. But I can almost say for sure that I’ll do it for these 3 or at the very least do a rough translation of the name and effects.

Summary of the games


An intergalactic ship crashed on a uninhabited planet and you have to survive and escape the planet.

This is a management type game. You build and expand you ‘civilization’ which you get by controlling the native population of the planet. Every main character is a faction on the game and wars will happen. Every turn you can move and explore the planet, build, craft, rest.


You are an imprisoned strategist from a fallen kingdom and are now helping the kingdom of Elk in exchange for revenge from Visto kingdom that is now attacking Elk.

This is a conquest game. Every stage is a battle map with several castles and villages. Every turn troops can be moved and attack. When one or move troops attack the battle will shift to a SRPG style combat, with turn based movement. The battlefield is typically kinda small but there can be quite a lot of units on it(around 8-16 maybe). After the stage units can be upgraded and evolve.

This is one of the first games I’ve played from softhouse chara. From what I remember I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Greensvale no Mori no Naka

The kingdom is trying to protect itself by cultivating new talents. You have been chosen to create and manage a School to meet its demands, but money is also an issue.

This is also a management game. You can build buildings, train your students, and give support to various factions. You gave to meet certain demands to avoid bankruptcy and you score is largely calculated by the number and quality of graduated students. The basic game takes 50 years, later games take 100 and also a free move of 300 years. Luckily the main character is an elf.

Haven’t played this but it appears to have a good amount of depth to it. Took notice of it because of this quite large walkthrough on hongfire.