[Next patch] – Ouzoku

I’ll be translating Ouzoku next.

There are 253 images that need to be translated but about 100 of them are skill names that for some reason are image files.

As usual I’ll also be doing gameplay related translation like skill description, mission name, units name.

For now I’ll start slowly translating it as I finish playing some other games.

Here are some samples:


Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri – English interface patch


English interface patch for Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri

Gameplay summary:

Manage a restaurant and improve the city and adventurers while at it.

Ever wonder what happens to Darx’s many daughters? In this game the main heroine is one of them. She and the main protagonist just started a new restaurant in town. Chronologically this game is after Bunny Black 3, with Kozerotte already grown and already a famous overlord. Expect bunny black characters making appearances but it’s not necessary to have played it before.

In this game you research recipes, improve food, create an Inn, bathing house, sell goods and even manage adventurer’s requests and teams. Try to get rich and pay back the original loan used to make the restaurant in the first place.

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[Poll] Next interface patch

Which of these older softhouse chara games should I do an interface patch for next?
[Poll below]

There is only a little left to finish Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri so I’ll be doing an older game next. These 3 below are the main candidates. Daisounan already have a bit of its image translated.

The item and descriptions will only be translated if the engine supports it without altering the dlls and it has enough gameplay variation. But I can almost say for sure that I’ll do it for these 3 or at the very least do a rough translation of the name and effects.

Summary of the games


An intergalactic ship crashed on a uninhabited planet and you have to survive and escape the planet.

This is a management type game. You build and expand you ‘civilization’ which you get by controlling the native population of the planet. Every main character is a faction on the game and wars will happen. Every turn you can move and explore the planet, build, craft, rest.


You are an imprisoned strategist from a fallen kingdom and are now helping the kingdom of Elk in exchange for revenge from Visto kingdom that is now attacking Elk.

This is a conquest game. Every stage is a battle map with several castles and villages. Every turn troops can be moved and attack. When one or move troops attack the battle will shift to a SRPG style combat, with turn based movement. The battlefield is typically kinda small but there can be quite a lot of units on it(around 8-16 maybe). After the stage units can be upgraded and evolve.

This is one of the first games I’ve played from softhouse chara. From what I remember I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Greensvale no Mori no Naka

The kingdom is trying to protect itself by cultivating new talents. You have been chosen to create and manage a School to meet its demands, but money is also an issue.

This is also a management game. You can build buildings, train your students, and give support to various factions. You gave to meet certain demands to avoid bankruptcy and you score is largely calculated by the number and quality of graduated students. The basic game takes 50 years, later games take 100 and also a free move of 300 years. Luckily the main character is an elf.

Haven’t played this but it appears to have a good amount of depth to it. Took notice of it because of this quite large walkthrough on hongfire.


Bunny Black 3 – English interface patch


English interface patch for Bunny Black 3

Game summary:

Much like the other two games, it’s a dungeon exploration turn battle game.

The game now has a management part to it. You build your city and use the dungeon to progress the story and get resources for city building. Residents being one of them.

Later on you’ll also have a dungeon to defend but it’s more like a mini-game where the building on your city let it get stronger and you can assign floor bosses to better the defenses.

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Mon o Mamoru Oshigoto – [minimal]English interface patch


Minimal english interface patch for Mon o Mamoru Oshigoto

Gameplay summary:

Game is divided in two phases. The management phase lets you research tecnology, progress events and gain support that is basically a mini-game to get money.

When the circle at the top of the screen changes color it means the enemy is coming to attack, they attack the next turn after it turns red.

The battle is taken in turns but you can only do one action. Moving one single unit count as an action so positioning is key. Building built on spaces can delay enemies, or defend and heal your units.

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Noroi no Maken ni Yamitsuki Otome – English interface patch


English interface patch for Noroi no Maken

Gameplay summary:

This is a mix of strategy and real time. Your character basically moves and attacks alone, but you can pause and give her commands to attack or move to a specific space.

You have a magic/demon sword that gains curse as you uses it but it is fairly overpowered at the beginning. Aside from the curse you also have to watch the fatigue bar and sleep. When sleep is full the fatigue will be increase much faster so take care. Camping will recover sleep one only once per day. One note, the time passes when you change area but fighting inside an area only passes time very slowly.

This game is specially difficult and basically requires you to “clear” it once before you can get a true route branching. The conditions for route branching are kinda obscure and difficult to accomplish and the sub-character endings… well, let’s just say you need lv 90+ to try that or you’ll never beat a critical battle ahead

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Ryouchi Kizoku – English interface patch


English interface patch for Rouchi Kizoku

Gameplay summary:

Very simple management system, you build structures to accumulate resources and use them to upgrade your territory’s defense or progress events. Also hire followers for important bonuses.

It’s a fairly quick game, there is a limited number of turns until the “King dies” and the game ends. But each “ending” you get makes you start with an extra initial follower and has a greater change to show the fortune teller follower that basically adds a few more turns before the king dies and disappears.

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