Makenshi Leane – English interface patch

Edit: Makenshi Leane 2 got an full english translation if you like this style of gameplay.

English interface translation patch for Makenshi Leane(魔剣士リーネ) by まくらカバーソフト

Another very random interface patch for a doujin game. Very random, I’m just going to put the patch here in case anyone else ever wants it.

Game Sumary:

It is a strategy simulation game with kingdom conquest. Every team move at the same time(with a pause function to set commands) and a turn based battle happens when 2 troops meet. It has a really well develop story with lots of things happening and characters interacting and a specially long prologue.

I originally only planned to translate the menus to make the game easy on the eyes but when I realized it I was already translating all the interface. This game is made using Kirkiri engine so it was quite surprising seen a strategy game with this much complexity made with it.

A word of warning though, this game is a relatively good strategy game with a decent story but it is also a NTR game. If you play it normally it might not even show up but if you let you commanders or heroines gets captured for too long they will get NTR and lock up their endings.

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