Sono Taiju wa Makai o Kurau! – English interface patch

English interface patch for: Sono Taiju wa Makoi o Kurau!

Game summary:

After the great demon king was killed, a new power struggle between the big demon families are starting to appear. Fabio is a young demon looking for a lord to serve so that he can prove he is more than just an Incubus.

Gameplay summary:

The gameplay in this game is in the same style as Sono Kojou ni Yuusha Hou Ari!. You are in control of a moving castle and as you walk the map, enemies will attack your castle. The battle is a tower defense style game where you setup rooms with different pattern, traps and mazes and put units in them to defend your castle.

This time there is also a research portion where you can upgrade and get new rooms. You can also upgrade you main character abilities by completing some objectives.

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Greensvale – English interface patch

English interface patch for Greensvale no Mori no Naka

Edit: Patch updated to 1.1

Game Summary:

After realizing that the future of the kingdom is in danger, the king decides to appoints Cryce to create and run a new school to secure the kingdom’s future.

This is a school management game. Its very reminiscent of Ryouichi Kizoku in some ways.
You need to create a school and graduate students, increasing reputation and effecting other countries.

Each turn in this game takes a year. The minimum graduation period is only one year, but the students can choose to stay after that. You can build buildings, enact policies and distribute budgets to affect the graduation difficult, students level at graduation and professions they’ll take. There is also a battle mechanic later in the game if the school is attacked.

The game takes place over 100 years. The main protagonist and heroines are mainly from long-lived races and spirits to explain this long time the game takes place over.

Interface patch updated
Added a mini-walkthrough at the end

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Wizard Climber – English interface patch

English interface translation patch for Wizard climber

Edit: Someone released a full english patch for this.

A full english patch for the game was released today(2021/02/08): You can find it on the vndb page or the original poster here on reddit

Game Sumary:

The objective of the game is to train a girl to win magic competition so she can inherit her noble house and get revenge for her father’s death.

This is a battle oriented raising sim. You make the girl train/study to raise skills and do jobs to make money. Some jobs could result into battles.

The battle here is very similar to Noroi no Maken but with a little less control. You set up orders and watch her execute them. You can change the preferred skills, distance, targeting, etc at any time but no direct control like Noroi no Maken. The tactics skill also makes the AI movement less stupid.

The main objetive is to win a certain tournament but there are several other competitions, tower dungeons and labyrinths to complete.

There are new modes available after your first playthrough that slightly changes things and events. The inheritance system(newgame+) in this game is also interesting. The more you climb the Hero Tower the more inherited things you can get on the next playthrough.

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Ouzoku – English interface patch


English interface patch for Ouzoku

Gameplay summary:

Conquer territories, dominate the continent and get your revenge against Visto Kingdom.

You take role of a strategist that has been captured and recruited to help the Eruto Kingdom’s young general sucessor and recover its lost territory while trying to get your revenge against Visto Kingdom

This is a strategy game with turn base strategy in battle. You can upgrade your units, set skills and organize your units however you want.

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Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri – English interface patch


English interface patch for Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri

Gameplay summary:

Manage a restaurant and improve the city and adventurers while at it.

Ever wonder what happens to Darx’s many daughters? In this game the main heroine is one of them. She and the main protagonist just started a new restaurant in town. Chronologically this game is after Bunny Black 3, with Kozerotte already grown and already a famous overlord. Expect bunny black characters making appearances but it’s not necessary to have played it before.

In this game you research recipes, improve food, create an Inn, bathing house, sell goods and even manage adventurer’s requests and teams. Try to get rich and pay back the original loan used to make the restaurant in the first place.

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Noroi no Maken ni Yamitsuki Otome – English interface patch


English interface patch for Noroi no Maken

Gameplay summary:

This is a mix of strategy and real time. Your character basically moves and attacks alone, but you can pause and give her commands to attack or move to a specific space.

You have a magic/demon sword that gains curse as you uses it but it is fairly overpowered at the beginning. Aside from the curse you also have to watch the fatigue bar and sleep. When sleep is full the fatigue will be increase much faster so take care. Camping will recover sleep one only once per day. One note, the time passes when you change area but fighting inside an area only passes time very slowly.

This game is specially difficult and basically requires you to “clear” it once before you can get a true route branching. The conditions for route branching are kinda obscure and difficult to accomplish and the sub-character endings… well, let’s just say you need lv 90+ to try that or you’ll never beat a critical battle ahead

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