Boukensha no Yado ni Youkoso – English interface patch

Edit: There is an official english release version of this game announced by KaguraGames for the now Welcome to the Adventurer Inn!
Edit(2020-10): Kaguragames just added a steam page for this game so it should be releasing in english sometime soon.

It just appeared on the “Upcoming Releases” together if other 16 games. From experience it can take anywhere from a few months to almost 2 years. The order they appear is also not important it depends on what they’ll focus on.

Hopefully it’ll not take too long for it to be translated.

English interface translation patch for
Boukensha no Yado ni Youkoso(冒険者の宿へようこそ) by ぺぺろんちーの

I’ve recently been really into doujin games for some reason and before I know it I had made this patch so I’ll put it here if anyone wants it.

Game summary:

This is a very simple doujin game. You take care of an Inn and go on adventures to get materials and upgrade it. The heroine adventurers will stay on the will based on the reputation and room quality and you use this opportunity to conquers them.

The gameplay feels more like a puzzle and balancing game than an RPG. The battle is just number additions with a few alterations later when you get heroine skills.

Altough its a doujin game its fully voiced.


  • All menus
  • Dictionary images
  • Heroine profiles

Patch Download:

Patch for latest version with 2 dlcs included but should work without them. Read instructions inside
English interface translation patch

Edit: Some quality of life additions to the above patch. Just replace the image_3.xp3 file.
Quality of life additions

This will display how many available materials you have when choosing foods/walls/incenses etc.
Shows how many materials available on the option when heroines sleeps over at the inn.
Display monster names instead of that meaningless number of the monster catalog.
The previous patch is still needed for the image translations(Material and guest catalog)

Sample images:

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